LIUPCP introduces hotline services for whistleblowing

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Livelihoods Improvement of Urban Poor Communities Project (LIUPCP) of Local Government Division (LGD) has set up a hotline services (also known as call centre services) to capture any potential allegation takes place in the operations of the project.

The hotline number is 16256.

A group of dedicated executives/call recipients are in place (9:00 am – 5:00 pm) responsible for receiving any form of allegation emerges in LIUPCP (among others) and capture and report them in a defined format and intervals to project’s Mutual Accountability Unit (MAU). MAU will then take necessary steps to respond those and resolve accordingly.

This hotline is expected to serve as a safe platform for the beneficiaries, community leaders, project staffs, vendors and other stakeholders of LIUPC Project allowing them to raise their legitimate concerns internally whenever they become victims or witnesses of any form of corruption or irregularity with/within LIUPC project.

“If we can make the helpline effectively functional, hopefully it will contribute to protect/recover the resources of the poor as well as the reputation of the Project by allowing the reporting of concerns internally and recovering the diverted money- if any,” Sarder M. Asaduzzaman, Project Manager of LIUPCP said.

He asked project staffs to disseminate this hotline number widely in any meeting, orientation, workshop, discussion, training, field visit or any form of community/staff gathering. A campaign is underway which includes different types of communication tools such as leaflet, sticker and PVC Festoon to introduce this hotline to the wider target audiences.

“Let’s make this whistleblowing system properly functional to serve the cause of the poor people,” Sarder M. Asaduzzaman said.