Socio-Economic Assessment of nCOVID-19 Begins


The National Urban Poverty Reduction Programme (NUPRP) in collaboration with Human Development Research Centre (HDRC) launched a Socio-Economic Assessment of COVID-19 impact on the lives and livelihoods of the urban poor.


This assessment will help inform the NUPRP re-programming and will also contribute in the formulation of the Socio-Economic Recovery Programme of the UN agencies and the Government of Bangladesh.


The Managing for Impact (M4i) Team of NUPRP and Human Development Research Centre (HDRC) jointly organised a four-day training for Surveyors on data collection for the Socio-Economic Assessment.

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The surveyors who will be visiting the 15 intervention Cities attended the training wearing the requisite Personal Protective Gear and adhered to the nCOVID-19 related protective protocols.


The data collection for the Socio-Economic Assessment, which begins from 15 July will provide first-hand primary evidence of impact of nCOVID-19 on the urban poor living in the slums and low-income settlements.